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The Digital Paper Trail in Real Estate Transactions

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The Bottom Line

This book has a wealth of lawsuit-avoidance strategy. Just the letters and forms on the CD ROM are worth the price of both. The advice is common sense help with legal risk, but keeps it in the real-world realm of having to get the transaction to closing.


  • This is real world advice from a real estate attorney.
  • Forms for all types of client disclosures and instructions on CD
  • Sample letters for keeping clients informed in the transaction
  • Actual legal case examples used to illustrate agent errors
  • Letters and forms in editable MS Word format on CD


  • More email management strategy for risk avoidance would be nice.


  • Specific behavior traits of a potential plaintiff are outlined.
  • Outlines basic company documents that help protect you just because they exist.
  • How to refer third party professional inspectors, appraisers, lenders, etc. with less risk.
  • Info & letters to help you capture sellers, keep them and avoid legal hassles while serving them.
  • How to work with buyers in ways that serve them well without adding to your risks.
  • Handling the in-house sale while minimizing the risk of dual representation.
  • Provides contract drafting tips, financing options, clauses and special terms.
  • Specific instruction and sample letters to communicate with all parties and document it thoroughly

Guide Review - The Digital Paper Trail in Real Estate Transactions

We work with buyer and seller clients in transactions that are usually the largest they'll participate in financially in their lifetimes. The purchase or sale of a home is also a highly emotional event. When you combine large sums of money with high emotion, legal problems become a common occurrence.

This real estate attorney and REALTOR® author duo combine the experience in getting transactions through closing, as well as avoiding lawsuits in the process. One of the points stressed the most in this book is that communication and record-keeping will avoid most problems. Common sense help with how to keep your client(s) informed throughout the process, as well as how to document what was said, when and to whom is invaluable information.

There is even advice and example documents for situations in which you may want to sound very formal or in other cases be more friendly in your approach. It's all structured around providing good client service, but doing so in a way that doesn't put you at risk. Throughout the book we are reminded that even the best client, a friend or relative, can have selective memory when it's in their interest.

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