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The Introduction to Your Real Estate Office Policy Manual


Set the tone of your real estate office policy manual from the very beginning. Be clear and concise without being too formal. The goal is to inform and educate all associates and employees as to how the brokerage will operate. No detail is too small, as you must anticipate that not all will have the same level of education or experience.

The introduction section off your office policy manual should do three things:

  • state what the document is;
  • state the purposes of the manual; and
  • establish legal limitations and state how it can be modified.

Start by stating that this is a manual of the operating procedures of the brokerage. It is meant to be a reference for all employees and associates as to the conduct of their daily activities as related to the business. Though it addresses requirements for employees and associates, as well as facilities and services to be provided by the brokerage, it is not a contractual document.

Clearly state that the broker has the right to amend the real estate office policy manual at will. All associates and employees are responsible for maintenance of, and adherence to, the latest version of the document. Though a meeting format may be used to announce changes, absence from these meetings does not relieve the employee or associate of the responsibility to keep abreast of all policy changes.

Note: You can download the sample Policy Manual document for this article below. Use Word's Find & Replace function (MS help file link below) to customize it with your company's information. **The sample document is for example purposes only. All policy manual material should be examined by your attorney for appropriate content and legality.

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