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Management of a Real Estate Brokerage

Real Estate isn't all marketing. A real estate brokerage business has diverse management concerns. Beginning with a decision whether to franchise or not, you must then get to setting up systems for staffing, document control, information sharing, sales management, insurance and more.
  1. Brokerage Sales Management (3)
  2. Liability and Risk (23)
  3. Staffing and Operations (40)
  4. Property Management (8)
  5. Quality Improvement Process (1)

The Completely Online Real Estate Brokerage - Less Office Space & Bet…
Taking "cloud computing" to the real estate brokerage is the next logical step in the evolution of real estate brokerage services. Learn here, step-by-step how to virtually serve your customers, allow your agents to operate remotely, cut office space and expenses, yet do a much better job.

Using Email for Real Estate Transactions & Reduced Liability
We're all more mobile than ever before, with better wireless technology for communications. Learn here how to use email to provide better service for your clients, reduce your liability, document your activities and deliveries, and just plain keep yourself on track.

The Mobile Real Estate Agent - Brokerage On-The-Go
The real estate high profile brokerage office is losing value. How can going more mobile provide greater value to real estate agent independent contractors as well as their consumer customers?

New Real Estate Franchises May Look Quite Different
Though some of the big franchises are creating top-down Internet presence with lead sharing to offices, it's not going to be enough to keep agents on with splits that will keep the doors open. Learn what will work.

Choosing the Right Real Estate Intranet
Real estate brokerages are now going more mobile every day, and it's not all about saving money on office space. Learn what your most important consideration should be when investigating online intranets for real estate.

Can Technology Revive the 100% Commission?
While the Remax franchise gained its huge growth with the innovative 100% commission and desk fees, they have now reverted to percentage splits. Is it time for a return to 100% with the use of technology to make it profitable?

Real Estate Intranets & The Right Inexpensive Hardware for Brokerage …
Real estate brokerage management can save money and improve customer and agent services with Intranets and new Netbooks for mobile offices. Learn how Intranets work, why they're secure and very inexpensive, and how to take your agents mobile for better service and cost savings.

Using Today's Technology for More Efficient Brokerage Management
One truth never changes. People love to sell things to real estate professionals. Whether it's the latest high-tech website solution, or leads from an aggregator site, there is a lot of money spent every year by real estate professionals on the latest and greatest products and services. Learn here how technology solutions can help you to run your brokerage business efficiently and at a very lo…

Using a Real Estate Blog for Brokerage Management & Communications
A real estate blog doesn't just have to be about a web presence and marketing. A private blog can become a powerful communication and management tool.

Efficient Brokerage Management With an Intranet
From marketing through transactions and listing management to office functions, a real estate intranet can make you more efficient in managing your real estate brokerage.

The Virtual Real Estate Office Setup for Your Brokerage
What if you could cut off a few thousand square feet from your real estate offices, as well as a great deal of the associated overhead? It's possible to have virtual real estate offices with today's technology.

Using Technology for Real Estate Brokerage Growth & Agent Retention
While brokerages struggle with the new Internet world of real estate business and marketing, they could be building a strong future by adopting technology for their agents.

The Introduction to Your Real Estate Office Policy Manual
Your real estate office policy manual needs to begin with an introduction section. This is a short section, but important. It needs to explain what this document is, its purpose, and how changes to the document will be implemented.

The Management Considerations for a Real Estate Brokerage Office
Setting up a real estate brokerage is more than marketing for the business and your sellers. Systems for staffing, sales management, purchasing, document control, insurance and more are required. Go from the basics to the advanced with resources presented here.

The CreateAPlan® Brokerage Business Planning System
If you're about to start your own real estate brokerage or you're operating one already, do you know your expenses and have you done accurate revenue and budget forecasting and planning? This online system helps a broker or owner to do just that.

As a New Independent Broker Do You Need an Office Location?
Just got your real estate broker's license and about to do your own thing? Do you really need a physical office location, particularly if you don't plan on sponsoring agents? Here we'll profile some of the considerations that will influence this decision.

Real Estate Brokerage Business Plan - 1.0 Executive Summary
Here's a free and complete sample real estate brokerage office business plan.

Field Guide to Real Estate Office Policy Manuals from NAR
Get a jump start on the many policy manuals that a good real estate brokerage needs. You can't expect your agents and employees to know how to do their jobs without guidelines. Some of these are also required by law.

Strategic Business Planning: A Wild Ride
Most of us wouldn't start out on a driving vacation without a basic plan of where we were heading, where we might be at the end of each day and what we wanted to spend.

So it's amazing that some will attempt to operate a real estate brokerage without a structured business plan. It's not easy, but it's important.

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