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Transparent RE.com
Pat Kitano has quite a varied business history behind him. We're lucky to have him involved in our business now. You just night say some day that you "heard it first on Transparent RE.com.

The Real Estate Tomato
A real estate blog with a national slant and lots of marketing information.

Sellsius Real Estate Blog
One of the top 10 blogs on blogtopsites.com, Sellsius Real Estate Blog is full of real estate related information contributed by a host of industry leaders.

This blog will make you think. If you're resistant to change in our business, read this blog for aerobic stimulation.

Seattle Rain City Guide
Considered the first major regional real estate blog, this one gets huge traffic. If you want to emulate success with a blog of your own, here's one to visit.

FixR Blog
Great graphics to go along with huge amounts of information about construction, remodel, and fixing around the home. Contractor resources, as well as consumer resources to locate contractors.

Bloodhound Realty Blog
A bit in-your-face if you're not ready for change in the practice of real estate. But you'll hear about the newest things being tried in the business.

Phoenix Real Estate Guy
Great commentary here from Jay Thompson

Greater Fool - The Troubled Future of Real Estate
A voice from Canada that many wish would go away. Great photos and counter-commentary on the Canadian real estate market.

Small Business Marketing Blog from Duct Tape Marketing
A wealth of information to help in your marketing, particularly in relation to the Internet and social networks.

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