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Real estate content curation works for SEO!


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Real Estate Content Curation for SEO Works
Web content lifecycle

Web Content Curation

The new rage in SEO is "content curation." What does it mean to curate content for a website or blog? Wikipedia doesn't define that precise term, instead it defines "media curation:" Media curation is an emerging trend toward integrating media content using both machine and human resources. The practice includes aggregation (gathering) and curation (sorting, categorizing, art directing, and presenting) such that material from multiple sources creates a unique editorial experience for readers/visitors.

So, for our discussion here, let's define our real estate website content curation as the process of gathering, sorting, categorizing, evaluating and selecting Internet content relevant to our website's topic, then aggregating and publishing that content to the site. The way most people view content curation is that it's finding a whole bunch of articles, taking snippets of each, and putting multiple snippets into one blog post or site article. And, to a point that's the way it works.

There are negative opinions about the process, value of the output, and whether it has any SEO value at all:

  • It's just a lazy approach to creating content, and it's not original.
  • As most or all of the content of a post or article is word-for-word from other sites, it will have no SEO value.
  • Site visitors will not find it of value, even if they manage to locate your site and check it out.
  • It's a shortcut approach that diminishes the quality of a website or blog.

I'm going to address these opinions in this step-by-step article, show you a content curation resource I adopted after testing dozens (not the one in the link above), and I'll show you that it is valued by visitors, and it does help dramatically with SEO. Just go to the next step to get started learning about this exciting way to add content to your website.

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