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Google Plus Releases Business Pages - Start Your Google+ Real Estate Page


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Google+ Business Page Format Much Like the Personal Page
Google+ Business Pages

Google+ Business Pages

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The first hour I knew about Google+ business pages being released, I had to get started. I headed over to the Google Plus page creation site and found the page you see in the image.

I chose the top option button, Local Business or Place. It asked for my business phone number and pulled up my real estate business right away. As my business profile on Google was up to date, my address pulled properly as well. I was able to add my business toll free number and I was off to the races.

I was offered business category choices, and real estate wasn't one. It was a toss-up for me between Business and Finance or Professional Services, and I chose the latter. The last choice was who could see my posts, and I left it as "Public." The other choices were age limitations and "Alcohol Related."

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