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Diverse Solutions IDX, WordPress IDX and CRM Solutions


Diverse Solutions Mapping IDX

Diverse Solutions Mapping IDX

Jim Kimmons

The overall goal for the real estate agent's website:

What's the goal of the real estate agent for their Internet presence and websites or blogs? In my case it's all about lead generation and building business. I'm not about building brand just to make myself famous. I'm all about creating a website and blogging presence that uses good SEO practices and some PPC marketing to draw in visitors. However, just because they visit doesn't mean they'll become a client, or even that you'll ever even find out who they are.

To make this happen, I want a system that's easy to set up, in my total control, and takes the site visitor all the way from their first visit and IDX search through making contact to become a prospect, then through a drip email and follow-up marketing system that creates clients. Let's see how I've done that with Diverse Solutions for a client's real estate business as a consultant.

**Disclosure: I am a freelance writer, and I write articles for Diverse Solutions' blog. In doing research for their articles I've learned about their products, and I'm paid for my writing. However, I've not been compensated in any way for this article, nor given any special information or encouraged to sell their products through this article. It's a profile of what I've learned in setting up a client with their products, and I encourage readers to do thorough research of the many solutions out there before making purchase decisions.

IDX, Internet Data Exchange - Mapping IDX Solution:

The Diverse Solutions mapping IDX solution takes the data feed from your local MLS, Multiple Listing Service, and frames a solution into your website. The code is a simple snippet easily embedded by you or your Web programmer, and it provides a comprehensive IDX search solution with integrated mapping of the listings. This product works on any website, including in WordPress, as I've installed the code into a search page, taking just a few minutes to do so once I was set up and approved through my MLS.

WordPress IDX Solution:

The WordPress IDX solution works differently, and can be used alone or in conjunction with the Mapping IDX product. Using it alone still allows you to use code snippets and the Diverse Solutions plugin to build search forms for your sidebars and have search results pages show up in your main page area and be modified by your users to change their search criteria.

Where this solution shines is in SEO. With the WordPress solution, every listing has its own page that resides on your site for SEO purposes, indexed by the search engines and helping you in search results. This is why some of their customers, as does my client, use both this and the mapping solution, as they get more dynamic search page options with the mapping product, but get the indexing with the WordPress product.

dsAgentReach for CRM, Customer Relationship Management:

While there are a great many CRM solutions out there, and many that are more focused and robust than the Diverse Solutions product, the advantage in using this one is in conjunction with the other products. dsAgentReach provides a seamless solution with lead generation forms, and a pass-through lead system to take leads from the IDX search process.

You can require registration or not in differing ways on your search page, though I don't believe in any requirements to do as many searches as they want. However, the DS IDX solutions both provide the ability for visitors to save their searches and get email alerts. To do either, they must register and the visitors understand why. When they do, they're passed into the Agent Reach system for email follow-up.

You can create drip scheduled email campaigns, use tags to segregate your contacts by interest, and do blast emails as well.

Mobile Solution:

There is no denying how mobile device usage has mushroomed, whether mobile phones or tablets. Any website or blog that's not mobile responsive now is losing a chunk of visitor traffic. The mobile solution in Diverse Solutions provides a code snippet that senses a mobile device and allows the visitor to elect to view the site in mobile mode.

Wrapping Up:

In building out a complete website solution for my real estate broker client with these Diverse Solutions products, I've found a lot that I like, and a few things I wish were better. However, in doing extensive research to try and simplify my client's website management and prospect management tasks, the Diverse Solutions products are getting the job done.

Prior to this, we'd cobbled together multiple solutions with WordPress, forms design and CRM. They all worked, and sometimes the results were superior in some ways. However, the back-end management was more complex due to the number of resources required. Now, each day my client just goes to their DS Dashboard and they can see all of the previous day's activity. They also get an email each time a new visitor registration happens. We have three email drip campaigns going on, with who gets which emails determined by check boxes on forms.

It's now one login instead of four we had before.

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