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Blogging in WordPress for Your Real Estate Business

WordPress is an amazing blogging platform, and totally free. Learn all about using WordPress for a real estate website.

Using Flickr & WP-Flickr Plugin to Make WordPress Blogging Faster
By using Flickr "sets" to group your images by subject matter, then installing the WP-Flickr plugin, you can place images in posts faster, and without the WP image gallery hassles.

Chapter 2 - Choosing a WordPress Theme and Setting Up Categories
This chapter concentrates on things you need to do BEFORE you publish your first post. One is choosing a theme, and what to look for, and the other is setting up a logical category and navigation structure.

Chapter 1 - WordPress How To for Real Estate - About WordPress
This is the first chapter in a detailed tutorial on using a self-hosted WordPress.org blog for your complete real estate website presence. It is effective, search engine friendly, and very inexpensive.

Setting Up a New WordPress Real Estate Blog
This step-by-step tutorial will have even the novice up and running in days with a first class WordPress real estate blog for their business.

Lesson 3 - Hosting Considerations for Your WordPress Real Estate Blog
Be sure that you're choosing a host not just on the cheapest price. You want a host that guarantees up-time and more. See here what else you need to consider.r

Lesson 2 - Why WordPress Makes for a Great Real Estate Website
Why WordPress for a website? First, search engines love the way blogs handle content. Next, WordPress makes building and maintaining your real estate website easy.

Lesson 1 - WordPress 2.7+ & Real Estate Blogging
This is the first in a series of articles and instructional pieces on setting up a highly successful real estate blog in WordPress. It can, and should be, your only web presence.

Mimbo Pro Premium Magazine Theme for Real Estate WordPress Blogs
I wanted to write a review about the theme that I'm using for my personal real estate website on the WordPress platform. Here's the scoop on Mimbo Pro 2.2.

Your WordPress Real Estate Blog Installation & File Locations for FTP
Most WordPress users end up doing a great deal of uploading of files and images using an FTP client. Learn here how your WordPress installation is laid out and where those files are.

What You Need to Know About Hosting Your WordPress Real Estate Blog
There is critical information here that will keep you from making a mistake in hosting that will cause problems down the road for your WordPress real estate blog.

Why Should You Choose a Self-hosted WordPress Blog for Real Estate?
In this series on blogging for real estate, you are getting detailed instructions on using WordPress 2.7 as your real estate blogging resource. Learn why here.

Using The WordPress MemberWing Plugin for Real Estate Lead Generation
Though primarily designed for blogs to sell premium content to subscribers, the MemberWing plugin can be a great lead generation tool for real estate bloggers on WordPress.

WordPress for Your Real Estate Blog
Having used several blogging solutions, I want to review WordPress here as far as its suitability for a real estate blog, or even an entire real estate web presence.

Customizing the WordPress Sidebars With Plugins and Widgets
In our chose theme, we have two sidebars, one left and the other right of our center dynamic content column. Learn here about customizing what is displayed in these sidebars with plugins and widgets.

Getting Your WordPress Community Real Estate Blog Started
There's plenty of web information out there about how real estate blogging will help your business. There is a lot of theory and even a great deal of writing about what a real estate blog should contain for content.

What there isn't is a step-by-step guide to set up a WordPress blog for real estate. I'm promoting community blogging, so this series will focus on a community oriented blog, bu…

Uploading and Activating Plugins in Wordpress
In this WordPress blogging lesson, we learn how to upload and activate plugins that we'll need to make our blog function in some special ways. Plugins allow us to do special things with our posts and displays.

Selecting and Installing Your New WordPress Site Theme
Here you learn where to look for themes, and some selection criteria to think about when you're looking at hundreds of really great looking themes.

Tour of the WordPress Dashboard
The WordPress Dashboard is your control panel. This is your spot on login where you build out your site, set up the design, and post all of your items. It all happens here. This tour will hit the high points of all your options.

The Real Estate Community Blog - Getting WordPress and a Hosting Service
The first step in community blogging is to get the WordPress blogging software set up on a hosting service with your domain name of choice. Learn here the best and least expensive options.

The "Add Post Footer" Plugin for WordPress
This is a simple WordPress plugin, but it gives you a lot of flexibility in customizing text and html for automatic placement at the bottom of every post.

Getting Your Category Structure Right for Your WordPress Real Estate Site
One of the reasons blogs are so easy to use is that they are CMS, Content Management Systems. You don't have to worry about how to store or display content, as WordPress will do it for you. To make navigation easy for your visitors, here's how to develop your categories.

Installing WordPress for Real Estate & Choosing a Theme

The Importance of Categories in WordPress for Real Estate

My Real Estate WordPress Plugins

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