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Blogging for Real Estate With Google +


I'm writing this with Google Plus out less than three months. And, they indicate that there will be "brand" or business pages in the near future. Until those come out, I don't see how Google + could be used for all of your personal and networking needs and as a real estate blog as well. However, if you're not looking for a new social network, Google Plus could just be your easy and free way to start blogging for real estate.

At my article at the link above, I briefly explain Circles in Google +, and how using them properly would preclude also using your account as a real estate business blog as well. That's unless everybody in every one of your circles wants to see everything you post as a "blog." The only way the blog would be effective would be to make all of the posts "public." Doing so also means that every person in every one of your circles will get all of your posts as well.

So, while a great many of your local real estate posts may be instructional, informational, or promotional, your family, friends and past clients may not have an interest in receiving them in their streams. That's why I wouldn't use my current personal Google Plus profile for real estate blogging. When business or brand pages roll out, then it's a different ball game.

However, suppose that all you want to do is to get a free and easy to use blog going for your real estate business. And, you'd like it to be Google-friendly. You don't want a bunch of different circles full of people categorized by relationships or common interests. You just may have found your answer in Google Plus for real estate blogging.

Just like a normal blog, you set all of your posts to go out as "public" for the world to see. You'll find that you can write text, insert images and video, and engage in comment discussions with your readers. Though vanity profile URLs aren't out yet, you can just point any domain name you want to your Google Plus profile page, which is your blog's home page. In fact, other than some tabs for photos, videos, and About page, and a couple of Google things, it's your only page. Visitors can read your posts right there by expanding them.

Truthfully, it's a very rudimentary blog, without bells and whistles you would get with other free blogging platforms like Blogger and WordPress. However, there's really no setup, and you're blogging in minutes. If you use Picasa for photo storage, you're in good shape, as you can designate which photo albums to show on your site. You can upload images and videos and easily embed them in your posts as well. You don't need to deal with "embed" codes or other HTML.

If you don't use Picasa, you should, as the storage you're allotted is quite liberal, and it's an easy way to organize images for web display. You can even use Picasa to geo-locate your photos with GPS coordinates or by dragging them onto a Google map. You can also do limited editing of images for basic color and exposure right in Google + through Picasa. Embedding links to other Web content, and images or full videos is no problem, so your posts can be content-rich.

One strategy would be to use Google Plus as a limited blog to point people to content on your website. It's an incoming link, so you get some SEO credit, and using relevant text will help as well. You can set Google + up to inform you via email when someone comments on one of your posts, so you don't really even need to monitor your profile if you don't want to. You can use it to direct people to your website, make announcements that may get good SEO position, and demonstrate your expertise in your market.

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